Futures cone design adapted by TYL.

“Future is a verb, not a noun” – Bruce Sterling

JC Ltd. believes the future is an iterative process that we must actively and thoughtfully participate in. By conducting holistic research and horizon scanning, identifying key trends and drivers, extrapolating trends across multiple time horizons and creating alternative scenario narratives, we can generate foresight of unparalleled value.

The future cannot be predicted, but it can and should be forecasted. Detailed, experiential scenario narratives of alternative futures allow organisations of all kinds to better design their strategies; to pursue futures that are preferable and constantly adapt to steer away from ones that are undesirable. Futurists P.W. Singer and August Cole call this Fictional Intelligence, and it is emerging as one of the most effective risk management tools.

We believe that futuring must be an interactive process that brings stakeholders to the table. JC Ltd. will engage with decision-makers from all levels of business, to stimulate discussions and critical thinking on how they see the future of their organisation and entire industry. We aim to equip them with the ability to use uncertainty as a productive tool; one that can connect the geopolitical dots, find strategic blind spots, and identify opportunities from a horizon away.

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