Jackson Calder - CEO

Jackson holds a Masters of Strategic Studies with Distinction, and is passionate about tackling the complex geopolitical issues that are shaping our world. He sits on the Board of RiskNZ, the country's leading risk management industry association, is a Committee Member of the NZ Institute of International Affairs Wellington Branch, and currently works with Global Risk Consulting (GRC) Group across a range of national security profiles.

He has experience analysing a plethora of strategic trends and disruptors, including but not limited to regional connectivity initiatives, hybrid warfare, geo-strategic infrastructure projects, agri-tech, artificial intelligence, disinformation, cyber and domestic politics. He believes the tools and knowledge at the core of international relations and national security affairs need to be more widely applied across all sectors. This includes utilising forecasting and robust futures modelling to analyse geopolitical risks being faced by businesses, to reduce uncertainty and increase organisational stability as we propel forward into a turbulent future.


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