Reports & Modelling

Our latest public report is titled ‘The Future Convergence of Actors, Domains and Capabilities’.

This is an expansion of a report initially completed for the New Zealand Ministry of Defence by Jackson Calder as an independent contractor. This report provided background research contributing to the development of a Defence Assessment.

It analyses the future convergence of three core trends;

  • Development of, and subsequent reliance upon, autonomous weapon systems.
  • Emerging domains of great power competition, focusing on grey-zone and hybrid warfare.
  • The rise of non-state and private sector actors.

The report then models this convergence in a Critical Uncertainties Matrix and produces four alternative future scenarios, each with their own detailed narrative to provide a contextual glimpse at what they may look like in actuality. Using this foresight, the report makes recommendations on New Zealand defence policy.

Access the report PDF using the link below:

The Future Convergence of Actors, Domains and Capabilities JC LTD

Critical Uncertainties Matrix:

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