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Problem Gaming: Algorithms of Manipulation

JC Ltd. has been monitoring emerging issues found at the intersection of technology, ethics, entertainment, regulation, and consumer protection. Lets analyse the multi-billion-dollar problem of manipulative algorithms and gambling in video games. At a glance: Gaming industry giants like Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts (EA) are facing serious regulatory threats to their primary revenue source […]

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After Kabul

The events unfolding in Afghanistan have captured the attention of the world, and rightly so. While nearly every national security analyst and political reporter is clamouring to understand what lead to such a haphazard American withdrawal, it’s important to cast our gaze to the future and assess some potential geopolitical implications. China, India & Pakistan […]

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A Tale of Two Futures

Two worlds where trends in political polarisation, misinformation & robust debate have diverged in opposite directions… Written by Jackson Calder & Jarrod Varty – Originally published by Diplopshere Dystopia The year is 2030 and society is fragmented… Politics has become partisan, with the media following suit. Debate, consensus and critical thinking are things of the […]

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A Troublesome Triad

Geopolitical Risks Amidst the Aus-NZ-China Tensions The ongoing tensions between China, Australia and New Zealand create an environment of uncertainty and risk for organisations throughout the South Pacific. This article will briefly examine some aspects of geopolitical flux in the South Pacific, to provide you with a starting point for thinking about the risks in […]

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We Should All Be Futurists

You’ve heard all the buzzwords before: foresight, insight, forecast, predict, and so on. When people hear the word ‘futures’ in a business context their mind often defaults towards speculative stocks instead of science fiction. I believe the latter conceptualisation, in fact, holds much more utility for the future of business. What is the ‘future’, really? […]

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